promotion and organizing of skiing and trail-running races

-race management-

If you want to make your existing race more known for wider audience or if you’re thinking about organizing a brand new race in your area, we can help you with both scenarios. As founders of one of the most popular Czech ultramarathons and as the film suppliers for the fantastic Arctic Triple races in Lofoten, as well as being extremely active trail-runners and skiers ourselves, we have huge experience with all aspects of organising a succesful popular sport event.

-race films-

We have almost 20 years of experience with filming all kinds of „outdoor activities in movement“. We have followed world class sportsmen and explorers in all kinds of terrains,conditions, weather etc. Our main filmmaker Petr has become in 2022 the first person in history who crossed Norway in a clean style – which meant running 3000 km across endless wilderness without using roads at all, filming the whole proces every day. So we’re more than qualified and fit enough to also capture any outdoor sport’s event. We are able to run/ski long parts with the racers with all of the heavy filming gear = authenticity and big coverage.

-race photos-

So far, we have been focussed only on organizing and filming the races. But of course, we can also provide you great photos from your race, in fact, photographing a race is much easier than filming it. Here are a few examples of how the photos might look like. 

Check out more sport photos from our adventure projects

-organizing races-

our story

In the spring 2017, with zero experience, we decided to establish a brand new trail-running ultramarathon in the most remote part of the Czech Republic. We named it Zapomenuté hory (Forgotten mountains). Everyone in our area was sceptical. But, as active trail-runners and outdoor sport filmmakers, we felt the huge potencial of following combination: untouched unknown nature, our filming and location-scouting skills, friendly approach and huge passion. We filmed the first promo video, created a simple website and went through all the numerous steps (see below) you must go through, if you want to organize a big event.

Purely thanks to the first video and a few photos of our Rychleby mountains, we were able to sell-out the race within one week! The very first year, in October 2017, incredible 650 racers from several countries were willing to pay for the race and travel long distance to the most remote part of the Czech Republic to get tired on 24/44/74 kilometers of unknown wild trails. Such power has a great film, atmospheric photos and the right sympathetic communication with the running community. The feedback from the 2017 race was overwhelming, many called it the most beautiful and wildest Czech race. Nowadays the race is being sold out almost immediately with 900 participiants (capacity of the area). Managing such amount of people requires a lot of knowledge and work.

Facebook reviews – Zapomenuté Hory

Since 2020 we’re also close friends with the The Arctic Triple organizors from Lofoten Islands in Norway. The Arctice Triple organizes 3 huge races: Lofoten Ultra-trail 100 miles, Lofoten Triathlon and Lofoten Skimo race. Some of the most beautiful races of its kind in the world. A great chance for us to get deep international experience with „behind the scenes“ of different kinds of races. We also took part in many races ourselves, so we know „what the races want“. If you live in an area with fantastic nature and friendly local people, today we feel confident to claim, that we can really help you establish new epic famous race.

what is necessary to start new race

  • location scouting – mapping your area and finding the most attractive, technically interesting and also logical lines for each course of the race (if you want several distances)

  • talking to the land owners – especially important and sensitive if you are living close or in the national park, nature reserve, farming area etc.

  • suggesting logistics and smart aid stations for the race day

  • producing the first strong promotion materials for the race

  • creating website and important social media channels for the race

  • starting the right sympathetic communication with the target running/skiing/biking scene 

  • finding the right sponsors and partners of the race who provide the prizes for the winners and gifts for the starting race packages

  • preparing all the neseccary printed material necessary for the race like starting numbers, itinerary, maps etc.

  • creating online maps of the courses and downloadable GPX files

  • finding the right race crew and also volunteers and medical experts for the race day

  • finding the timer service (chips, trackers, online results etc.)

  • preparing the adequate food management for the aid stations during the race + after the race

  • providing the safety meassures for the whole event

  • marking the race according to the local conditions

  • planning alternative routes for the case of extreme weather

  • dealing with many more details which in the end matter a lot