Film production


Our activities are wide, but definitely we are first of all outdoor sports oriented film producers. We are known as a production company named Bernartwood, founded by adventurer and filmmaker Petr Pavlicek. We love to work in the most difficult outdoor enviroments anywhere on planet. Wild Nature is our home, so we spend most of the time in the ARCTIC. We’re known experts in cinematic camera work „IN MOTION“ using many kinds of gimbals, drones, cable-cams etc. We can follow trail-runners, climbers, skiers and other fast moving athletes and create silky smooth film footage from literally everywhere.

-From tiktok to cinema-

We search for our own adventure stories full of emotions, deeper messages, fantastic nature and action. We can produce anything from a short dynamic commercial video for Instagram Reels to big feature legth film with complex story-telling.

During our 7 years long close cooperation with the world’s best climber Adam Ondra we have produced 2 world best-selling feature movies The Wizards Apprentice (2012) and Change (2014) and countless amount of shorter projects for international brands like Black Diamond, Montura, La Sportiva, DJI etc.


We have also produced many short or even longer films for some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe. These often include great nature and a lot of outdoor tourist activities like skiing, dog sledging, hiking, climbing, biking, snowmobiling, sea activities etc. Details on DESTINATION MARKETING

-Outdooor sports film production-

The core ouf our interest. We can produce anything. Things like visually attractive shorter videos about different kinds of sport races, elite athlete profiles, commercials etc. But the biggest passion are long, complex and logistically difficult wilderness challenges like our unique project Run Norge på langs 2022


We never film things like weddings. But if you’re planning challenging expedition, if you want to promote your sport race, new tourist activity or an outdoor product , talk to us. We are searching for new strong stories from Nature. To see more references, and inspiration, please visit our gallery below.