- Wilderness adventures in its purest form-

Extreme multi-day trail running wilderness expeditions, unique photo expeditions to the best hidden spots of Norway or Slovakia, acquiring skills in filming extreme sports, skiing polar expeditions, winter survival training, snowmobile-skiing in the heart of Lappland, iceclimbing or parkrafting deep in the Arctic…


Filmmaker Petr Pavlicek grew up in the remote mountains and since early age has spent most of his time in Nature. Today he has huge experience with many kinds of expeditions and adventure projects. He organised or filmed countless number of demanding trips into wild nature, including hard Arctic expeditions on frozen ocean or lonely winter crossings of endless Scandinavian mountain plateaus. During 7 years of tight filming cooperation with the world’s best climber Adam Ondra, he was „hanging“ in the world hardest climbing rock walls.

In 2022, after 5 years of preparations, Petr has become historically the first person ever who run 3000 km across the wilderness of Norway in a clean style, without using asphalt roads or bridges at all. He thoroughly documented and mapped every day of this long project and filmed the whole painful but transformational process with 4 different cameras and drone. See project Run Norge pa langs

During his 48 long trips (status to June 2023) to beloved Norway, Petr has spent altogether many years exploring most parts of this incredible country and today he is one of the biggest experts about the nature of wild Norway and also of beautiful Slovakia, Petr’s second most favorite country.

 If you dream about a hi-end and very authentic raw tailor-made experience in the most beautiful and wild Scandinavian or Slovak nature, Petr might be the best guide you can imagine. And, maybe he could also film a great documentary about it.