-arctic in motion-

„Arctic in motion“ is new multi-layered media project created by film-production company Bernartwood, combining filmmaking passion, huge love to outdoor sports, enormous knowledge of the wildest European nature and big adventurous dreams. Behind this project stand filmmaker Petr and photographer Radka, who met in summer 2021 to cooperate on one of the world’s most challenging trail-running film projects called Run Norge på langs. After such life-changing adventure, they’ve decided to continue the cooperation and use „Arctic in motion“ for financing even more challenging adventurous dreams.


PETr Pavlicek

Outdoor sports filmmaker, skier, trail-runner, climber and highly dedicated Arctic explorer. An expert in cinematic filming „in motion“ using different kinds gimbals, drones, cable-cams etc. He follows runners, skiers, bikers and other fast moving athletes and creates silky smooth film footage or photos from literally everywhere. True expert about the nature of Norway.

photographer AND WEBDESIGNER

RADKa minksova

Small multi-talented sporty girl and is extremely valuable and reliable team player. In summer 2021 Radka changed her life completely. She moved to  northern Norway and became part of extreme film project Run Norge på langs. Her dedication and universal media skills were huge part of the success of the project and Radka became irreplaceable part of the team.

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alone across norway

hardest trail running story of 2022

Norge på langs“ means „The length of Norway“. It’s a legendary adventure and a dream of every active Norwegian. However, just a few people ever dare to fulfill it…