Location scouting



-Location scouting-

We dare to say that we know the nature of all of Norway like no other norwegian company. As photographers and filmmakers, as well as extremely active trail-runners, skiers, climbers etc., we spend most of the time outside in wild nature. In 2022, filmmaker Petr Pavlicek became the first person in the history who crossed Norway in a clean style during our film project Run Norge pa langs. This meant 3000 extremely hard kilometers through the wild nature, totally without the use of roads. The goal was to find the most beautiful path across the wilderness of Norway, connecting the best nature spots. Petr’s used 20 years of experience obtained during countless expeditions and film projects. Similar experience we have with the nature of Slovakia and Czech Republic.

-film locations-

We’re extremely capable in exploring, finding and capturing the right locations for any film project in Norway. Have a look at a location scouting video for new adventure project in Lofoten and behing the scenes of the big movie Change (2012) about the world’s best climber climbing the new world’s hardest route.

-race locations-

If you want to improve the existing course of your running or skiing race, or if you are thinking about organizing a brand new cool and famous race, the right attractive race trails are absolutely essential. We do the mapping of the area, suggest the lines and capture photos and films of the lines. DETAILS HERE


We have the full package of knowledge necessary for helping you with the development of certain types of new adventure businesses in your beautiful but yet unknown area. We help you with thorough mapping of your area. Whatever activity in nature you plan to do, we gladly do the initial hard work in the terrain. We’re the great in finding the best trails and lines for guided trips (hiking, snowshoeing, biking, skiing), finding the best scenic photographic view points and camping spots for your clients, finding rocks suitable for rock-climbing or waterfalls for ice-climbing in winter, suggesting future lines for your new bike-park.

 We come to your area, spend the time necessary for the mapping there, we create the first maps, photos and films and suggest the all next steps.

-film location gallery-

Small selection of hundreds of thousands of photos from the mostr photogenic parts of Norway.