Petr pavlíček

filmmaker, explorer, athlete

-petr pavlíček-

outdoor sports filmmaker, photographer and athlete

  • Experienced full-time outdoor sports filmmaker, photographer and athlete with long international experience – check his website BERNARTWOOD

  • First human ever who ran 3000 km across the wilderness of Norway „in a clean style“, totally without using asphalt roads, all the time in Norway, without exits to easier terrain in Sweden or Finnland. At the same time it was the historically first clean crossing of Norway overall, nobody before attempted to even walk it in this hardcore pure style – for more info visit Norge på langs 2022

  • 6 years of close cooperation with the world’s best climber Adam Ondra and top class outdoor brands. In years 2012 – 2014 Petr and Adam have literally put unknown Norway (in terms of hard climbing) on the world climbing map, through filming and promoting their big bestselling movie Change

  • Ski mountaineer, trail-runner, climber, vegan, outdoor guide and location scout with long years of experience in martial arts and in winter Arctic expeditions, which gave him very solid physical base for his work

  • founder of famous Czech running race  Ultramaraton Zapomenuté hory and author of several creative campaigns for sport and destination companies

  • True expert about the landscape of Norway. He’s visited Norway 48 times on his film trips and expeditions. Since July 2020 living, filming and training mainly in Lofoten and Lyngen/Reisa in northern Norway


Petr might be one of the few people who know Norway like no others. He has dedicated over 20 years to exploring remote parts of this beautiful country. If you need to find a perfect location for your film production, or experience extraordinary wilderness expedition, he might be the best guide for you. Spending time in the wilderness and filming in hard conditions is Petr’s everyday bread. He is used to film in any weather, in any terrain and in any year season. He is often out in the mountains with heavy backpacks full of film and photo equipment + all the gear needed for survival. There is no impossible film ange for him.


Petr is the creator of all the films on this web-site. Here are a few films with Petr introducing himself, including his first „film“ ever 😉


Photos of Petr doing some of the things he loves the most. Filming, skiing, running, exploring new areas and own limits…