Story of the

world's first 9b+ route


In spring 2012, after their first very succesful climbing movie The Wizards Apprentice, filmmaker Petr and the world’s best cimber Adam Ondra traveled to Norway. After exploring several already established climbing crags, they settled in an unknown cave in the coastal region of central Norway called Flatanger. In local Hanshelleren, known as „the Flatanger cave“, Adam has found, cleaned and bolted a futuristic line, which later turned out to be the hardest route in the world – the historically first 9b+ route named Change. Petr documented the whole peculiar journey and his second best-selling 2 hours  documentary movie  named Change has put Norway on the world class climbing map forever.


-Change films-

Here you can watch the movie teaser, „Behind the scenes“ film and several other climbing videos, which did not make it to the final movie.

-ADAM ONDRA - Change - gallery-



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