-all you need for promotion in tourism-

Our main adventure film projects always take place in spectacular nature. Thanks to these projects we got to know and and later also worked with some of the most beautiful European tourist destinations like Lofoten, Lyngenfjord, Reisa, Jeseniky, Liptov and a lot more. We have worked with more than 50 very different guiding companies, destination agencies and wide variety of local tourist businesses. Today we are able to produce almost any marketing materials which you might need for a succesful tourist destination development. Or we can even help you establish brand new activities or sport events in your area.

-our destinations-

Lyngen and reisa




-what we offer-

-destination FILMS-

In the extremely fast age of social media, highly captivating visual content is the key element of getting someone’s attention. Short dynamic visually attractive and emotional videos are the best way to create the necessary initial curiosity in your future visitors and guests.

-destination photos-

Emotions… This is the language of today. Make people want to visit you by showing them your destination in the best „light and colors“.


Times of printed marketing materials are almost over. We can create you professional digital catalogues, product manuals for tour operators or even short attractive PDF presentations. You can easily share them in a few clicks with anybody anywhere…
And what’s best… if you need it „the old way“… you can still print them
And what’s best… if you need it „the old way“… you can still print them


After working with countless variety of tourist destinations, world class sportsmen, best outdoor sports brands, sport races, guiding companies, being outdoor-guides and trail-running race organisers ourselves, we have the full package of knowledge of how to help you with the development of certain types of new adventure businesses in your beautiful but yet unknown area. We understand what active people want and we have co-created several new cool businesses.
We can help you with thorough mapping your area. Whatever activity in nature you plan to do, we gladly do the initial hard work in the terrain. We’re the great in finding the best trails and lines for guided trips (hiking, snowshoeing, biking, skiing), finding the best scenic photographic view points and camping spots for your clients, finding new rocks suitable for rock-climbing or waterfalls for ice-climbing in winter, suggesting future lines for your new bike-park. All of this including teaching you how to do most of these activities in a real and effecient way – Location scouting
Do you want to organise a popular running or skiing race, which will give a lot of spotlight to your place? We know everything about it – Races
Example of one of new activities we developed in Reisa valley in Northern Norway 

-social media content-

TikTok, Instagram Reels, Youtube shorts? We can prepare any of the films or photos for any format and use needed. We can also help you with establishing your new social media channels. Watch 4 different versions of the same Sea Eagle Safari video from Lofoten, each suitable for different purpose and channel.


OK, so now you have new cool photos and films, new cool activity and new social media channels. But you also need the core thing – a website. We can offer you building a brand new simple presentation website (like this one) or we can help you redesign your already existing website.

-destinations and Travel businesses we cooperated with-

XX Lofoten, Visit Lyngenfjord, Jeseniky Tourism, The Arctic Triple,  Visit Trøndelag, Visit Helgeland, Visit Lierne, Olomoucký Kraj, Reisa National Park, Femundsmarka National Park, Reisa Lodge, Amazing Troms, Destination Engerdal, Kvænangsbotn landskapsvernområde,Visit Liptov, Sdružení měst a obcí Jesenicka, Femund Canoe Camp, Børgefjellfoten, Wild Norway, Climb Flatanger, Climb Norway, Riverland Husky, Lyngen Outdoor Center, Červenohorské Sedlo, Magic Mountain Lodge, Lyngen Outdoor Experience and many more…