Adam in The rockies

A film series

filmed, edited and released on the expedition itself

-Canada -

A very challenging project in spring and summer 2018 for Black Diamond Equipment, Tendon Ropes and Montura, supported by Sony, Sigma Optics, DJI and Tchibo. Filmed in Canada, Austria and in the Czech Republic. Main part was a film series called „Adam in the Rockies“ for BD, both filmed and also edited „on the go“. It means, Petr was filming Adam and taking photos every days on his climbing adventures and during evenings and nights he was editing the photos and mainly films or episodes, which were released weekly right from the trip itself. Super demanding but unique multimedia project. Part of the project was also filming 2 short films about how the company Tendon produces the climbing ropes – look at the funny result below. 


- films-

A few examples of 4 different films + their short teasers for social media produced within the project. Filmed, directed and edited by Petr Pavlíček


The main goal of the „Canada project“ was to film the film series, but beside that, Petr had to also take many photos for social media and for the partners.